Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Forgot I Had These!

I'm not exactly sure why I was rummaging through all the bags of craft projects waiting to be finished in my basement the other day. But, I was.

I had gone down there looking for some of the primitive doll kits I had put together.  So, instead of just looking through the bags with the primitive dolls - I, of course, started looking through all the bags.  And, there are lots of them.  Winter dolls - waiting to be completed.  Summer dolls - waiting to be completed.  Halloween dolls - waiting to be created, etc. 

Now you might be wondering what I'm talking about with all the bags.  I have tons of doll patterns with their respective pattern pieces already cut-out and stored as a kit - waiting to be sewn.

You see, I'm very organized and  I never do anything in moderation.  When I'm designing doll patterns I design many of them.  When I'm cutting out fabric for patterns I want to make, I cut many of them.  When I'm sewing dolls, I sew all of the ones I've cut out.  This approach saves me a lot of time but, this approach leaves me with many, many patterns saved as kits - waiting to be finished.

Do I have a lot of kits in bags downstairs - well, YES!  Too many actually - which is a little foolish as I don't know when I'll get the time to finish them all. 

Well, while rummaging through the bags, to my amazement I found several books that I had forgotten I had. When exactly I bought them, I don't remember. It must have been on one of my book shopping trips.

In any event, they're now amongst all the craft books slotted to be reviewed.

Here's the books I forgot I had:

Its All About Cards And Tags (Leisure Arts #3623)
Fresh Felt Flowers: 17 Stunning Flowers to Sew & Display [With Patterns]
Do-It-Yourself Framed Quilts: Fast, Fun & Easy Projects
Hats In Miniature
Little Traditional Quilts

Of course, after looking at some of the books I thought - some of the projects shown would really be fun to make. Now, if I could just find the time. Oh, well - I'll add these nooks to my pile of "Books To Be Reviewed!"

When exactly I'll get these reviewed - well, that is the great unknown. But, I hope to do so soon.

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