Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Redesigned My "The Book Review Corner" Blog and I LOVE IT!

Well, I've gone and updated my "The Book Review Corner" blog once again.  If you're wondering what I did and why - let me explain.

I changed it from a four column blog to a 2-3 column blog with multiple sections.

Now, why did I do it?  Well, for a couple of reasons.

The first has to do with my basic desire - to play.  That is - I love to experiment and change things.  And, when it comes to trying new things on the web - well, I just LOVE to play.

This time I was playing with's new templates.  And, I found one I just loved so I decided I would try it out on  "The Book Review Corner" blog.

Now I know that I changed "The Book Review Corner's" blog template not that long ago.  I changed it from a two column blog to a 4 column blog.  But, in looking at it over the last few months I thought 4 columns was just too busy.  Too much to look at all at once with your eyes having to move all over the screen.

So, I thought a more simplified blog template was in order and, to my pleasant surprise, rolled out their new template designs around the same time.   So, of course, I had to try them out and tinker with them.

The template I altered to fit my blogs' needs looks like a two column template initially, but it has multiple sections to the sidebar and multiple sections to the footnotes.  So, I can have a sidebar that has three gadgets sections to it that I can add things to.  And, one of those gadget sections is a two-column gadget sidebar all by itself.

Plus, the footnotes are is similar to the sidebar in that it also has multiple gadgets sections and one of those is also a two-column gadget section.

There are also gadget sections for tabs at the top, gadgets under the header, and gadgets following the post.

All in all, it is very versatile and I love it.

I hope you like my new design.  Hopefully, I won't be changing it for awhile.

Unless, of course, something new comes along and I just have to play!

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