Monday, June 13, 2011

Linda's Review of Pat Winter's My Crazy Quilting Journey and Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine

If you've been following along all these years with my Linda's Blog posts and my  I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs blog posts you know that I LOVE crazy quilting and embroidery and admire the artists who create fiber works of art. I can spend hours and hours browsing through the blogs of some of my crazy quilting online friends and salivating at their creations. I just love to look at all the amazing creations and dream of creating some myself.

Over the years I've reviewed and posted on my I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs blog about some of the amazing crazy quilt artists whose blogs that I've become aware of through my Top Blogs By Crafters toplist.

One such artist is Pat Winter of "Pat Winter Gatherings" blog.  Pat participated in one of my Get To Know The Artist/Crafters Series of interviews on my I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs blog. 

Back in 2008 Pat Winter of "Pat Winter Gatherings" blog self-published a book entitled "My Crazy Quilting Journey" which I bought and just loved. It was 80 pages and was all about her crazy quilting world and her creations.

You learn how her gardens inspired her to create her crazy quilt masterpieces, crazy quilting on the internet and the various groups she joined, her Comfort Doll Project, embellishments she likes to use, silk embroidery and how to create a spider web rose. You also learn about what type of fabrics she uses, "ciggies" or cigarette silk cloths, how to make a glass slide pendant, how to make a crazy quilted hair comb, what threads to use, sea shell embellishments, eye candy, her memory book, classes, and other resources. It is a wonderful book and peak into the world of an astonishing crazy quilter.

If you're interested in Pat's book it can be purchased in the bookstore at .

Well, Pat is now publishing a crazy quilting & embellishing magazine on the HP Mag Cloud website entitled "Crazy Quilt Gatherings - Celebrating Crazy Quilting of Today" which I just LOVE. It is a magazine dedicated to crazy quilter's.

According to Pat, "Crazy Quilt Gatherings is the first of its kind. A magazine dedicated to crazy quilting. It offers various crazy quilt projects and tutorials, plenty of eye candy, stash resources, tips, contests and interviews from crazy quilters worldwide."

Crazy Quilt Gatherings Issue #1 was released in the Spring of 2011.  

Magazine Description - A magazine dedicated to crazy quilting. Featuring fiber artists, tutorials, tips, shopping sources,techniques and more. A little of everything for experienced crazy quilters as well as the novice.

Every time I pick up this issue I discover something new I hadn't noticed before and every time I find myself just astonished at all the beautiful creations. I may have picked it up for a second, but find myself perusing it for hours on end, once again.

There are multiple articles about some very talented crazy quilt artists and their inspiration. Most contain how-to's for some of their techniques. Pamela Kellogg shares her technique for creating her fancy tail peacock,  Diane Knott shows you some basic embroidery stitches, Pat Winter has an article on choosing the right fabrics to compliment your project, and Terri Takacs shows some of her vintage creations. You get to meet Suzy Quaife and read about what inspires her to create her embellished fiber art creations.

Plus, there are free images to print and use, as well as Maureen Greeson's tutorial on creating her "Butterfly Wallhanging." Wendy Shu discusses tatting and Gerry Krueger shows you her hand painted button embellishments. Pat Winter shows you how to create a herringbone stitch, feather stitch, cretan stitch, and chevron stitch. We learn about Lavette Johnson and her fiber art collages and see some of Regin Yazitas beautiful floral embellishments. Plus, Rengin Yazitas give us a history of Oya Turkish Lace which I found very interesting and there is a how-to on dyeing silk ribbon. On top of all this there are listings for events and other crazy quilting resources.

Crazy Quilt Gatherings Issue #2 was just released for the Summer of 2011.  

Magazine Description -Second issue of Crazy Quilt Gathering magazine. Summer 2011. Crazy quilt projects, tips, artists to meet. Crazy quilt bell pull, Crazy Quilt watch chatelaine tutorial, Crazy Quilt watch cuff tutorial, Silk ribbon embroidery, Bullion stitch pansy, Round Robin information, and so much more.

Inside the 2nd issue Terri Takas shows us her crazy quilt bell pull and pet scarf. Pat Winter provides a wonderful article on embellishing and Diane Matheson takes you step-by-step through creating a bullion stitch pansy. There is a page dedicated to "fur babies"  which includes a picture of my beloved "fur baby" Pepper. There is also an article on seam treatments from Pam Kellogg and an article by BJ Sandusky on building your crazy quilting stash.

To my delight there is a page on Judy McCarthy who is a cloth doll maker, painter and beaded crazy quilter, as well as a page on Dorthe Hensen who is a doll maker and mixed media artist. I just love learning what inspires other doll makers and their creations.

Plus, Cathy Kizerian discusses round robins and Gerry Kruger provides an article for a successful round robin by working in harmony. Liz Bugh tells you how to use vintage lace to create rhinestone jeweled collage rosettes, and Carolyn Phillips provides a step-by-step for painting your own "silkie."

We also learn about the inspiration behind Shannon Bolanowski's creations, the insiration behind Marie Alton's "Twilight In The Fairy Glen" creations, and the inspiration behind Barbara Seavey's painted lace creations. Carol Steemson provides a wonderful step-by-step for creating a silk ribbon columbine and Pat Winter provides two tutorials; one for creating a crazy quilt timely cuff and another for creating a crazy quilt watchful chatelaine. There is also a review of Tisha's Needle Arts Studio in Metamora, Michigan and freebie images and printable thread keepers.

Both issues are filled to the brim with with information on what inspires such astonishing fiber artists and drives their creativity, pictures of absolutely beautiful creations, how-to's, tutorials, and techniques for helping you create your own fiber works of art, freebie images, events of interest, useful information, and so much more.

I bought both issues and just love browsing through the pages and looking at some of the unbelievable creations. As I browse through the pages I find myself salivating at all the beautiful creations  - all individual works of art. I dream of making some of them knowing full well that I could never create such beautiful pieces. I'm not sure I have the patience for all the work that goes into the embroidered and embellished creations  - especially the beading, ribbon embroidery, and fancy stitching.

I bought 2 of each magazine as I wanted to introduce my sister to the world of crazy quilting and creative embroidery.  She is a quilting enthusiast and I thought she'd appreciate seeing some astonishing crazy quilting and creative embroidery pieces. Now she is salivating.

Congratulations to Pat and all the contributors of both issues of Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine for creating magazine issues that not only inspire, but will be saved and re-read time and time again.

On the HP MagCloud website you can preview the issues. I hope you get a chance to preview Pat's magazines and hope your preview inspires you to order your own copy. I bet you'll be salivating, too.


  1. Thank you Linda. This is very kind of you and I am so glad you enjoy the magazine and all of the wonderful and generous ladies who contribute. It is a fun adventure and I love bringing interest to crazy quilting.

  2. Hi, Pat: You're very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and the two magazine issues. Every time I pick one of them up I discover something I hadn't seen or read before. There's just so much there and such eye candy! Beautiful, beautiful creations. Looking forward to the Fall issue. Have a great day. Linda

  3. Linda, what a lovely review of Pat's magazines! Crazy quilting is the most elegant of needleart and it's so nice to see it getting more exposure now! Thank you so much!

    Pamela Kellogg
    Kitty & Me Designs

  4. Hi, Pam: I'm so happy you liked it. It is nice to see that crazy quilting is gaining in popularity. It's such a beautiful art form. I just love it. Have a great day. Linda

  5. Hi Linda,
    This was a beautifully posted insight into Pat and her amazing talent. She has brought together so much talent in her first 2 issues and is always welcoming new fresh faces into the " fold." Her mission is to promote the art of crazy quilting not herself but it is her own unique take on this art that we all want to see!
    I was humbled to be mentioned in your review....thank you Linda!
    Blessing to you!
    Terri Takacs

  6. Hi, Terri; I'm so happy you liked my review. I've been a BIG fan of crazy quilting and creative embroidery since several very talented women, including Pat, joined my Top Blogs By Crafters toplist many, many years ago. I was stunned by the beauty of their creations and loved seeing what they had made on their blogs. It is a beautiful art form and I'm so happy it is getting more attention these days. I don't know how you create such beautiful designs, Terri - one day I hope to try my hand at it. I'm just not sure I have the patience for such delicate work. But it is gorgeous to look at. Thanks for commenting. I hope you have a great night. Linda

  7. I purchased Pat's last two publications and I must say I have not been disappointed. It is my dream to learn to crazy quilt. I have a good start following Pat's blogs and purchasing these magazines. It seems overwhelming to start, but I know if I do I will love it. Great review! Linda

  8. I loved reading your blog post. I have just started reading needlework blogs to fulfill my desire for knowledge. As a retired home economics teacher, I miss all the workshops and sharing times we had! Thanks again.

  9. Hi, Diane: I'm so happy you liked my post. I just LOVE crazy quilting and creative embroidery. Pat and all the women featured in her magazine are just phenomenal women. So very talented and such amazing creations. Thanks for commenting. Have a great day. Linda