Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Linda's Review of Creating Romantic Purses by Marilyn Green & Carole Cree

Creating Romantic Purses: Patterns & Instructions for Unique Handbags was a perfect choice for the 3rd book to be reviewed for books about handbags, purses, and totes as nothing could be more Victorian looking than romantic purses.

What drew me to this book, once again, was the picture of the two purses on the front cover. They are both romantic and Victorian looking in nature. And readers of my Linda's Blog know how I love anything and everything Victorian.

"Creating Romantic Purses" contains patterns and instructions for making 40 elegant creations that according to the book, "can be worn night and day." And, elegant they all are.

I was intrigued so I began to browse through this book. I didn't need to go any further than the first purse to know that I was going to love this book.

The first purse is in Chapter two which is entitled " Hold History In Your Hand" and is a crazy quilt purse from the Victorian era. History and the Victorian era - I was enthralled. This is definitely a purse that I want to make. It is a Victorian Vignette and is an exquisitely beautiful creation. And, of course, there is all the history surrounding it and Queen Victoria.

Each purse within the book contains information on the materials needed to make the purse, embellishments, patterns and instructions. The patterns and instructions are shown in detail in the back of the book as some of the same patterns and instructions are used to make several different purses in this book.

Flipping through this book I found purse after purse after purse that were just so beautiful to look at. Each and every one of them was a beautiful creation all unto it's own. Almost like masterpieces. I wanted them all. However, one can't make 40 different purses now can they? And, where would I store all of them? Knowing me I'd make them just to look at them.

In any event, I do have my favorites and they would be the "Victorian Vignette" on page 12, the "Timeless Classic" on page 22, "Polka Dance" on page 42, "Fringe Benefits" on page 44, "Tussy Mussy" on page 58, "Beaded Beauty" on page 60, and "Vintage Nosegay" on page 76.

Seven purses that I would love to make. That's not to say that I don't want to make all of them. I do. It's just you need to start somewhere and here is where I would start.

If you are looking for a challenge and looking for something that is truly unique then you should try your hand at making one of these elegant and romantic creations.

Of course, if I had my way I'd make all of these purses and all of the purses from the other two books I recently reviewed. Hundreds of purses. I can hear "hubby" now. "Where are you going to put all of those and where are you going that you would need them?" Ah, but one can dream. And, what's better than dreaming or inspiring to make such beautiful creations?

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