Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Mermaid From Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden" Class At Artful Gathering

I have to tell you that I've been in blissful heaven for the last three days. If you're wondering why it's because I've been needle felting a mermaid for Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden" class at Artful Gathering that I'm taking.

I'm completely in awe of the ability to mold and sculpt the fiber to get it to be exactly what you want.

It's simply amazing and, once again, I've fallen in love with a new crafting medium.

Before taking Judy's class I never would have dreamed of all the ways you can felt and handle the roving.

Judy is a fabulous teacher and she shows you exactly what she wants you to do step by step.

I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this class and now my head is spinning as to the possibilities. There are so many ideas running through my head right now I cannot keep them straight.

This is dangerous territory for me. There are so many things I want to try and, once again, not enough hours in the day. I need to prioritize - but, right now that is almost impossible.

This is the 3rd class I've taken at Artful Gathering and every one of them has been fantastic.  I took Pat Winter's Crazy Quilting 101 class last year, Colleen Moody's "Briley The Birdie" paper clay class in the first session this year and Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden" in the 2nd session.   If you've never taken an online class I highly recommend any of the Artful Gathering classes.  They're fantastic.

Next year I'm definitely going to be taking more.  I wonder what will strike my fancy next year?

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