Monday, October 7, 2013

Linda's Review of Embroidered Quilt Shoppe by Chickadee Hollow Designs

Several years ago I bought a couple of creative embroidery and stitchery patterns for making ornaments that I wanted to make into little pictures and decided last May that it was time to make them. One was for a birdhouse vintage ornament that I blogged about in a Linda's Blog post entitled, "My Embroidered Vintage Birdhouse Picture."  The other was for an embroidered vintage quilt shoppe ornament that I turned into a picture.

Vintage Ornament #18 is a pattern for an embroidered quilt shoppe from Chickadee Hollow Designs. The pattern included the design on pre-printed pre-colored fabric, as well as a basic embroidery stitches sheet and sheet of basic instructions for completing their ornaments.

I had decided ahead of time that I wanted to frame my ornament as a small picture instead of using it as an ornament.