Books Bought and Reviewed

Books Bought & Reviewed By Linda and "The Book Review Corner"

I'm a "grown-up girl" who has never outgrown her love of dolls and crafting. I just love crafts and I just love books about crafts. So, it is only natural that I would love collecting books about crafts, craft making, craft history, various types of crafts, and craft collecting.

Whether it's Americana crafts, holiday crafts, seasonal crafts, computerized crafts, paper crafts, doll making, embellishing, fabric crafts, beadwork, applique, fragrance crafts, making gift baskets, jewelry, mixed media, needlepoint, knitting, origami, pottery, quilting, sewing, painting glass, making toys, wedding crafts, woodcrafts, or wool felt I love them all.

I especially love craft encyclopedias and the history of various crafts.

Shown below are the books I have reviewed so far:

Books Bought & Reviewed By Linda and The Book & Crafts Review Corner

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