Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cross-Stitch Kits I Bought This Spring

Sometimes I think I've become obsessed with cross-stitch.  I don't know why I should be as whenever I start a cross-stitch project I do nothing but curse counting stitches.  I almost always get lost in the diagrams and end up finishing a row  or column ahead of where I should be.  Then I have to rip it all out and re-do my stitching.

But, when I come to the end of the cross-stitch I'm always pleased at the results.  On the other hand, my brother usually isn't happy when he knows how many cross-stitch or craft projects I'm working on for gift giving.  The reason is because it inevitably ends up being work for him. You see I love to finish my cross-stitch in wood shadowboxes and I need him to help me make them.

Actually, I think he complains just to put on a show - he really does love working on the projects with me.  And, I love working in his shop.  It's really amazing.

In any event, I bought a few (well, make that many) cross-stitch kits this Spring.  In fact, based upon the list below you might say I went a little overboard! Ya think!

Here's what I bought: