Monday, July 16, 2007

I Just Love To Go Bookstore Shopping!

For me there is nothing more relaxing than going bookstore shopping at our local bookstores with my Mom.

Not only is the time spent with my Mom thoroughly enjoyable, but we both love books. We can spend hours upon hours just walking up and down the aisles looking at the best sellers, the discount books, the magazine section, etc. My mother always goes to the "cooking" section first while I always go to the "dolls and crafts" section.

Now I wonder why that is????? Couldn't be because I love "dolls and crafts?" Nah!!!!

Why am I telling you this? Because during the last two months we've had the opportunity to go bookstore shopping several times. They have always been delightful trips and usually I come home with some new best sellers from some of my favorite "romance" authors. The last few times I've come home with a few "doll and craft" books to add to my collection.

However, I have to tell you that I've become a little disappointed in browsing through the local bookstores lately for "doll and craft" books. You might wonder "why" as I've just told you that I love shopping at my local bookstores.

Well, I've found that in browsing through my local bookstores during the past year that they just don't seen to be carrying a lot of "doll and craft" books in their stores anymore. As a result I always find when I'm looking for "doll and craft" books that I'd much rather shop online. I discovered Amazon a long time ago and found that I loved being able to search and sort for books to my hearts content. I could easily find the categories I wanted, the authors, best sellers, etc.

At Amazon I can browse by category, look at the new releases, scan the future releases, check out the magazines, etc. I don't have to get down on my knees (which at my age is no longer fun) and crane my neck to look for the "doll and craft" books on the bottom shelf. It's so much more enjoyable to sit in my chair and let my fingers do the walking.

I can spend hours and hours doing this as well. However, the one big drawback is that in sitting at my computer browsing through my online bookstore's is that I'm missing one of the ingredients that makes my local bookstore shopping experience so enjoyable - my Mom. Maybe I'll just have to buy another computer and another computer set-up so my Mom can sit right next to me and let her fingers do the walking.

I know what she'll say to that and it's a big resounding "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" She'll give me that look that only Mother's can that makes you feel like your 3 years old even though you're a grandmother yourself. Then she'll say," Linda, a little fresh air never hurt anyone. Besides you need the exercise!" And, more importantly, she loves getting out of the house and loves going to the local bookstores to shop.

So, we'll continue to spend some lazy afternoons at the local bookstores. I'll still check out the "dolls and crafts" section first, but I won't be disappointed anymore because I know I'll be coming home and letting my fingers do the walking. My Mother doesn't have to know. What could be better than that?

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