Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's Not That Much Longer Until Artful Gathering 2016

It's not that much longer until Artful Gathering 2016 and I, for one, can't wait. This will be my 5th year taking online classes at Artful Gathering and I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I've taken.

Here's what I've taken so far:

2012 - Pat Winter -Crazy Quilting CQ101 

2013 - Briley The Birdie - A Vintage Tweetheart by Colleen Moody

2013 - Lovely Sea Maiden - A Needle Felting Adventure by Judy Johnson

2014 - Julie Haymaker Thompson - Let's Go For A Ride

2014 - Mary Jane Chadbourne - The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll

2015 - Hally Levesque - Bonnets & Bows: A Regency Doll Project

2015 - Mary Jane Chadbourne - Tiny Topia & The Magic of Little Things

2015 - Debbie Anderson - A Romantic Journey On Canvas

I have loved each and every class I've taken there as the instructors are fantastic and the classes are always delightful. I've had a blast in each class learning something new and, best of all, making wonderful new friends. I walk away from each class with a head filled with all sorts of new techniques and ideas for items I want to make. To say my creative juices are overflowing during and after each class is an understatement. They're in overdrive.

Each year the line up of classes have gotten better and better. So good it's literally almost impossible to decide what to take. For me there are just SO MANY wonderful Artful Gathering classes that I want to take.

Truth be told, I want to take them all, but that is definitely not possible. So, choose I must - but, oh, how difficult that has been.

This year as I scanned the classes in Session 1 and Session 2 my eyes were immediately drawn to two classes in particular and I knew, after looking at their descriptions, that the decision was out of my hands. "Dollie's" always win and Hally Levesque was teaching two doll classes: Romantic Rosabella in Session 1 and Wee Winter Whimsies in Session 2.

2016 - Hally Levesque - Romantic Rosabella - A Ribbons & Roses Doll Project 

2016 - Hally Levesque - Wee Winter Whimsies - Primitive Folk Art Dolls for the Holidays  

I knew for sure I'd be taking those two. I really want to take more, but I'm not sure I have the time.

Session 1 runs from June 6 to July 17 and Session 2 runs from July 16 to August 26.

If you've always wanted to take an online art and/or craft class you won't be disappointed in any of the Artful Gathering classes.

Hope to see you there.

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