Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Review of M'Lady's Chateau - Dimensions Gold Collection Cross-Stitch Kit Finally Got A Response

Last December 2010 after I finished my "M'Lady's Chateau - Dimensions Gold Collection Cross-Stitch Kit" I decided to tell Dimensions about my review of their kit that I had written on my "Linda's Blog" and on my "The Book Review Corner Blog."   So, I went to their EK Success Brand website and filled out their contact form.  I received an email on 1/1/2011 saying someone would contact me.

Well, I never heard anything in response so today, February 14, 2011 I thought I'd visit their website again to see if they had an address I could send a letter to. Well, to my delight, they had a Facebook link to their EK Success Brand Facebook page. So, I thought well let's see if they'll answer a Facebook comment.  So I "liked" it so I could make a comment and posted the following to their wall:

"I thought you might be interested in my review of M'Lady's Chateau - Dimensions Gold Collection Cross-Stitch Kit that I finished at and more about it on my Linda's Blog here - Have a great day. Linda"

I also posted the same comment to their review page after rating them with 4 out of 5 stars.

Well, within two hours of posting that to their EK Success Brand Facebook page I received the following comment on my "The Book Review Corner Blog" review post :

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
First, we are so happy to hear you love the way your design turned out. It certainly was a labor of love!

Secondly, you might be pleased to know that this was a design we produced some years ago, and we have since made a number of changes to how we create our instructions and charts. Many of the comments you made were things that we have addressed, such as the issue you had with the same symbol in different colors. We really appreciate your comments as this kind of feedback helps us to become even better at what we do.

Your framed piece is GORGEOUS--well done!

Kristel Adair
Product Development, Dimensions

Well, I was thrilled that I had finally gotten a response and so happy to know that they thought my framed piece was gorgeous.  I'll have to remember to tell the Art Emporium that the next time I'm in their store.

I had bought my kit last year, but I don't know how long my particular kit was at the website I had bought it from.  It's good to know that they had already addressed some of the issues I had mentioned in my post and that they are happy to receive comments from their customers.  I wonder if they'll address the rest.

My comment and the quick response I got from Ek Success Brand - Dimensions just shows you the power of Facebook with corporate america.

The lesson I learned is "If you want to get in touch with a company see if they have a Facebook page. And, if they do, post a comment on their wall."

Thanks, Kristel for responding so quickly. I appreciate that.

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